Package: dipsaus

dipsaus: A Dipping Sauce for Data Analysis and Visualizations

Works as an "add-on" to packages like 'shiny', 'future', as well as 'rlang', and provides utility functions. Just like dipping sauce adding flavors to potato chips or pita bread, 'dipsaus' for data analysis and visualizations adds handy functions and enhancements to popular packages. The goal is to provide simple solutions that are frequently asked for online, such as how to synchronize 'shiny' inputs without freezing the app, or how to get memory size on 'Linux' or 'MacOS' system. The enhancements roughly fall into these four categories: 1. 'shiny' input widgets; 2. high-performance computing using the 'future' package; 3. modify R calls and convert among numbers, strings, and other objects. 4. utility functions to get system information such like CPU chip-set, memory limit, etc.

Authors:Zhengjia Wang [aut, cre], John Magnotti [ctb], Xiang Zhang [ctb]

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# Install dipsaus in R:
install.packages('dipsaus', repos = c('', ''))

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  • c++– GNU Standard C++ Library v3


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Shiny Customized Widgets

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Utility Functions

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Readme and manuals

Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Left-hand side checked assignment Provides a way to assign default values to variables. If the statement `'lhs'` is invalid or 'NULL', this function will try to assign 'value', otherwise nothing happens.%?<-%
Plus-minus operator%+-%
Right-hand side checked assignment Provides a way to avoid assignment to the left-hand side. If the statement `'value'` is invalid or 'NULL', this function will not assign values and nothing happens.%<-?%
A JavaScript style of creating functions%=>%
Get an element with condition that it must be from a list or vector%OF%
Abstract Map to store key-value pairsAbstractMap
Defines abstract queue classAbstractQueue
Action Button but with customized stylesactionButtonStyled
Store/Get key-value pairs in 'shiny' sessionadd_to_session
Convert functions to pipe-friendly functionsas_pipe
Read a Line from the Terminal, but with Default Valuesask_or_default
Ask and Return True or False from the Terminalask_yesno
Evaluate expression in 'async_expr'async
Apply R expressions in a parallel wayasync_expr
Wrapper for 'future.apply::future_lapply'async_flapply
Run jobs in other R sessions without waitingasync_works
Get attached package names in current session (Internally used)attached_packages
Save "Base64" Data to Imagesbase64_to_image
Convert "Base64" Data to Stringbase64_to_string
Encode or decode 'base64'base64-url base64_urldecode base64_urlencode
Calculate Contrasts of Arrays in Different Methodsbaseline_array
Captures Evaluation Output of Expressions as One Single Stringcapture_expr
Color Outputcat2
Check If Packages Are Installed, Returns Missing Packagescheck_installed_packages
Function to clear all elements within environmentclear_env
Convert color to Hex stringcol2hexStr
Collapse Sensors And Calculate Summations/Meancollapse
Compound input that combines and extends shiny inputscompoundInput2
Python-style decorator%D% decorate_function
Convert Integer Vectors To Stringdeparse_svec
Digest R object with source reference removeddigest2
Register customized R code to 'RStudio' shortcutsdipsaus-rstudio-shortcuts rs_add_insertion_shortcut rs_add_shortcut rs_quick_debug rs_remove_shortcut rs_show_shortcut
Make aggregate pipe-friendlydo_aggregate
A dummy function that literally does nothingdo_nothing
Drop 'NULL' values from list or vectorsdrop_nulls
Evaluate expressionseval_dirty
Shiny drag-and-drop file inputfancyFileInput
Calculate Covariance Matrix in Parallelfastcov2
A Wrapper for 'fastmap::fastmap'$.fastmap2 $<-.fastmap2 as.list.fastmap2 fastmap2 length.fastmap2 names.fastmap2 print.fastmap2 [.fastmap2 [<-.fastmap2 [[.fastmap2 [[<-.fastmap2
Calculate single quantile for numerical valuesfastquantile
A Wrapper for 'fastmap::fastqueue'as.list.fastqueue2 fastqueue2 length.fastqueue2 print.fastqueue2 [.fastqueue2 [[.fastqueue2
Generate Shiny element with arrangement automaticallyflex_div
Python-style '"for-else"' functionforelse
Defunct Functions in Package 'dipsaus' The functions or variables listed here are no longer part of the package.dipsaus-defunct get_cpu
Generate a random passwordget_credential
Get or check elements from dots ''...''get_dots missing_dots
Get 'IP' addressget_ip
Detect the type of operating systemget_os
Get Memory Sizeget_ram
Obtain registered input bindingsgetInputBinding
Create a group of named graphic devicesdev_create get_dev_attr graphic-devices
Progress-bar Handlerhandler_dipsaus_progress
Escape HTML stringshtml_asis
Combine, add, or remove 'HTML' classescombine_html_class html_class remove_html_class
Apply each elements with index as second inputiapply
Check whether a function, environment comes from a namespaceis_from_namespace
Apply, but in parallellapply_async2
Apply function with 'rs_exec'lapply_callr
Copy elements to 'fastmap2'list_to_fastmap2
Copy elements to 'fastqueue2'list_to_fastqueue2
Create or Unlock a Lockdipsaus_lock dipsaus_resetlocks dipsaus_unlock lock
Create forked clusters, but more than thatmake_forked_clusters
Create R object rds_map session_map text_map
Mask a function with given variablesmask_function2
Recursively match calls and modify argumentsmatch_calls
Calculates mean and standard error of meanmean_se
Get max RAM size This is an experimental function that is designed for non-windows systemsmem_limit2
Create new function that supports 'quasi-quosure' syntaxnew_function2
Pipe-friendly no-operation functionno_op
Check if a package is installedpackage_installed
Parse Text Into Numeric Vectorsparse_svec
Wrapper to cache key-value pairs and persist across sessionsPersistContainer
Print Directory Treeprint_directory_tree
'Shiny' progress bar, but can run without reactive contextprogress2
Register customized input to enable support by compound inputregisterInputBinding
Remove source reference from function or expressionremove_source
Restart R Sessionrestart_session
Get 'RStudio' active projectrs_active_project
Verify 'RStudio' versionrs_avail
Use 'RStudio' to open and edit filesrs_edit_file
Schedule a Background Jobrs_exec
Focus on 'RStudio' Consolers_focus_console
Save all documents in 'RStudio'rs_save_all
Use 'RStudio' to Select a Path on the Serverrs_select_path
Add secondary 'CRAN'-like repository to the 'RStudio' settingsrs_set_repos
Get 'RStudio' Viewer, or Return Defaultrs_viewer
Take a screenshot in shiny appsscreenshot
Provides Unique Session ID According to Current R Sessionsession_uuid
Set Shiny Inputset_shiny_input
Get Internal Storage Typeas.character.sexp_type2 print.sexp_type2 sexp_type2
Create Shared Finalization to Avoid Over Garbage Collectionshared_finalizer shared_finalizer.default shared_finalizer.fastmap shared_finalizer.fastmap2 shared_finalizer.R6
Shift Array by Indexshift_array
Simple shiny alert that uses 'JavaScript' promisesclose_alert2 shiny_alert2
Detect whether 'Shiny' is runningshiny_is_running
Standard error of meanste_mean ste_mean.default
Fast Calculation of Sum-squared for Large Matrices/Vectorssumsquared
Synchronize Shiny Inputssync_shiny_inputs
Test whether function has certain argumentstest_farg
Calculate time difference and return a numbertime_delta
Convert file to 'base64' formatto_datauri
Convert bytes to KB, MB, GB,...to_ram_size
Migrate a 'fastmap2' object to a new oneupdate_fastmap2
Update styled action buttonupdateActionButtonStyled
Update compound inputsupdateCompoundInput2
Set up shiny pluginsuse_shiny_dipsaus