Package: rutabaga 0.1.7

rutabaga: Simple R Tools for Analysis and Visualizations

Provides functions (R, C++) to speed up array calculations. Includes various tools for prettier visualizations via R base plots.

Authors:Zhengjia Wang [aut, cre, cph], John Magnotti [aut, cph]

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# Install rutabaga in R:
install.packages('rutabaga', repos = c('', ''))

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Help pageTopics
Pipe Function To Paste Two Characters%&%
Same As Points, But Can Be Jittered (maturing)add_points
pdf wrapper that evaluates an arbitrary expression.as_pdf
Make nice plot titlesas_title as_title.default as_title.formula as_title.fres as_title.tres
Make cbind magrittr compatible (stable)cbind_list
Ensure Data Are Within Some Bounds (stable)clip_x
add decoration (frames) to plots based on their layout locationcreate_frames
Create directory signaturedir_signature
Clauses With Side Effects (Plotting Etc) (questioning)do_if
Polygon plotdo_poly
Draw Symmetric Error Bars (stable)ebar_polygon
Draw Symmetric Error Barsebars
Apply function to input but returns input itselfF_NOOP
Ensure that the file names ends in ".pdf"fix_pdf_name
helper function to build value labelsformat_stat
Get Data Range From A Collection Of Named Lists (questioning)get_data_range
Get statistics from linear modelformat_f get_f
Get the file name from a full file pathget_filename
Get Elements/Slot/Attributes From List (stable)get_list_elements
helper function for t-tests that returns the values wanted by format_statget_t
Get Hex Color With TransparencygetAlphaRGB
Check if a is within the range of b (stable)%within% is_within
Return Jittered X (experimental)jitr
Function To Return Mean And Standard Deviation (Na Ignored by default) (stable)m_sd
Function To Return Mean And Standard Error (stable)mat_m_se m_se
Apply expression but returns something elseNOOP
Return True If Not Na (stable)not_NA
Return True If Not Null (stable)not_null
Create A Blank Plot With Given X And Y Range (stable)plot_clean
Show A Blank Plot With Messages (maturing)plot_msg
Easy Way To Get +/- From A Long Vectorplus_minus
Easy Way To Get +/- From A Long Vector (deprecated)pm
Print summary and return original inputprint_summary
Enforce Sum To 1, Ignoring Na In The Sum, But Keeping Them In The Output (questioning)pscl
Barplot Function That Uses All The Rave Sizes And Colors (stable)rave_barplot
Make rbind magrittr compatible (stable)rbind_list
Remove the last k elements from a vector (list) Returns x (with a warning) if k < 1remove_tail
Get A Integer Interval That Contains X (maturing)round_range
Apply function along the first dimensionrow_apply_ii
helper to do row scalingrow_scale
A Neat Way To Show Axis (stable)ruta_axis
Apply each elements with index as inputssapply_ii
0-1 Scale The Data So We Can Manage The Plot Ranges Easily (stable)scale_01
Convert vector into comma-separated stringstr_collapse
Useful For Plotting When You Want To Go A Bit Beyond The Data (experimental)stretch
Function for repeatedly writing plots to PDFsto_pdf
Trim Data By Standard Error (stable)trim
Mean Of Data After Trimmed (questioning)trimmed.mean
Sd Of Data After Trimmed (questioning)trimmed.mse
like which.min, but for equality useful when an expression for x or y is longwhich.equal